Top 5 Easy Adobe Photoshop Techniques for Travel Bloggers

adobe photoshop techniques for travel bloggers

Enticing the viewer to visit the places you’ve been to is the heart of every travel vlogger.

But how can you make your photos look appealing without having to hire expensive photographers to edit your photos for you?

Here are 5 easy tips:

Make the color of your subject pop!

adobe photoshop techniques for travel bloggers

Color pop is an effect wherein you intentionally wash out the color of everything else except for the subject you want your viewers to focus on.

You can use this when you want to highlight a certain item that you have a unique experience with, amongst all the other items surrounding it.

Try this out this by selecting the Black and White Adjustment layer, then make sure the mask that is added automatically is active.

Next, using the black paintbrush paint on the subject of your focus to hide the desaturation effect.

For a more subtle focus, use a vignette!

A vignette increases focus on your subject by darkening the outer boundaries of your image. This way, your viewers will be attracted to look at the bright center (or wherever your subject is).

Maybe you want to focus on a particular dish that you really liked from the distracting elements around it.

To do this, draw an oval selection around your subject, then feather the selection to add a smooth and gradual darkening effect.

Next, invert the selection to select the outside of the oval. Lastly, while the selection is still active, add a curves adjustment layer.

Adjust the curves!

This one simply refers to adjusting the intensity of the Reds, Greens, and Blues in the image.

Perhaps you want to bring out the color of the waves on the pink beach, or that of autumn leaves that pool around your feet.

adobe photoshop techniques for travel bloggers

Simply go to Curves from the Adjustment Layer Menu. From the drop-down menu that says RGB, individually go to each color and adjust the intensity using the slider.

Don’t underestimate the simple technique of adjusting Brightness/Contrast

When you adjust the brightness of the photo, you make it lighter of darker.

But when you adjust the contrast, you increase or decrease the differences between the light areas from the dark areas.

This is especially important when the lighting of the shot is less than favorable.

To do this, choose the Brightness/Contrast option from the Create New Fill or Adjustment Layer.

From there, simply adjust the sliders for the brightness and contrast to your liking.

Add some color into your photo using Blend Modes!

adobe photoshop techniques for travel bloggers

Some photos look drained in color due to some lighting problems. But blend modes can save the day!

To put it simply, with blending modes you can inject color into the photo and blend it with the existing colors to make the photo look put together.

For example, say you want to add warmth to your image. You can add a new layer and fill it with the color orange. Select Color Burn in the blend mode and adjust the fill to your liking.

You can repeat the exact same process but change the color you inject into the image. You can add black to darken the photo, or blue to add some coolness.

adobe photoshop techniques for travel bloggers

These are some of the easiest tricks to instantly level up the attractiveness of your photo. Have fun experimenting with your travel photos!

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