Does Green Tea have Much Caffeine? Myth Debunked!

does green tea have much caffeine

Green tea holds the ability to enhance brain functioning and even reverse brain aging. Made from Camellia Sinensis, green tea is known to have remarkable incredible health benefits, but there’s a question that still needs a factful answer; does green tea have much caffeine?

Although, we all have been told that green tea doesn’t contain any caffeine, but how much of this fact is true. JoolayLife will debunk in this blog on green tea being caffeine-free. Let’s find out!

Does green tea have much caffeine?

Yes! Studies have shown that green tea does contain caffeine. In green tea, caffeine occurrence is natural and the amount depends largely on the factors like:

  • Variety of the tea plants
  • Growing conditions
  • Processing & Brewing

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How much caffeine does a cup of green tea holds in it?

Reports have shown that the average amount of caffeine in a 230-ml (8-oz) green tea serving is around 35 milligrams (mg) On average, green tea-bags contain more caffeine than loose green tea leaves.

A possibility is that the tea leaves in tea bags are crushed up; this leads to elevated extraction and diffusion of caffeine in the hot water.

Here is a sample from ‘The Journal of Food Science’ which shows whether green tea is caffeinated or not. The study was taken by adding eight ounces of water per two grams of dry green tea. All were brewed for 3 minutes before measuring the caffeine amount:

  • Ten Ren Green Tea – 16.4 mg
  • Stash Tea Premium Green Tea – 30.2 mg
  • Peet’s Coffee Green Tea – 33.4 mg
  • Stash Tea Decaf Green – 7.6 mg
  • Celestial Seasonings Green Tea – 12 mg
  • Lipton Green Tea – 16.4 mg

The sampling depends on several variables hence the exact amount of caffeine can vary!

By this time, you should have got closer to finding the answer to your question, does green tea have much caffeine? Yes, we guess!

Well, this was all about finding out whether green tea holds any caffeine or not! Now that we know that green tea does contain quite of caffeine, it’s time to learn a few caffeine reducing hacks.

Caffeine reducing hacks

  • Brew it the right way. Green tea is often brewed in piping hot water. But the best way to brew it is in swimming water from 30 seconds to 4 minutes.
  • Check out the buds. Young tea leaves are higher in caffeine when compared with matured tea leaves. It is, therefore, wiser to drink aged tea leaves.
  • Twig teas. Drinking green tea made from plant’s twigs and stems will keep you away from unnecessary caffeine as they contain far less amount of ‘it’ as compared to tea leaves.
  • Avoid shade-grown green teas. Lack of sunlight prohibits proper photosynthesis and development of further chemicals including a high amount of caffeine. Avoid drinking green teas made from the shade-grown plants.
  • Try to avoid cafeteria green-tea. Caffeine brings an additional taste to the beverage it is present in. Now, when you already know that how much caffeine does do banded green tea contains, try to consume them less.
  • Choose a decaf green tea. Something is better than nothing! Decaf green tea isn’t caffeine-free but it does contain a fewer amount of caffeine in it.
  • Try drinking green tea blends. A blend is added to reduce the amount of caffeine in the green tea. A blend of lemongrass, ginger or mint makes the caffeine amount to lessen as compared to its ratio in whole green tea.
  • Avoid powdered green teas. Powdered green teas also diffuse more caffeine when brewed. Drink whole-leafed green tea instead.

Using the above hacks will help you brew green tea, the right way!

is green tea caffeinated

Is green tea caffeinated? An Endnote

Green tea does contain caffeine, this fact can’t be ignored. But, don’t get demoralized as green tea is still one of the healthiest drinks consumed around the world for better health!

In fact, it is a life-saver for fitness freaks who love to stay in shape and often are on a diet. Do you also want to get on a fitness regime by starting to diet?

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This was all from JoolayLife on answering the question ‘does green tea have much caffeine’.

We’ll be back with more health wisdom in our upcoming blogs. Till then:

Stay Healthy-Travel the world!

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