Upcoming Electric Cars for India- 2020 Most Anticipated

electric cars in India

The population is a global concern and similarly is a sustainable solution to commute. In recent times, electric cars have come up as an Eco-friendly solution for this problem be it States or India.

In 2020, India is about to debut one of the most advanced EVs. Wondering about the upcoming electric cars for India in 2020? Not to worry! Thanks to sustainable eco-friendly technology.

In 2020, global vehicle manufacturers like Audi, Tata Motors, MG, Porsche, and others have pledged to contribute better towards the earth by launching technologically advanced EVs in the Indian market.

In this blog, JoolayLife will discuss the most anticipated electric vehicles that will be launched in India during the year 2020.

Here they are!


electronic cars in India
Image: TATA Motors


electric cars in India
Image: MG Motors

Audi e Tron

electric cars india 2020
Image: Audi USA

Porsche Taycan 4S

electric cars 2020 india
Image: Porsche Official

Ford – Mahindra Aspire EV

electric cars for india
Image: India Today

Volkswagen ID3

electric cars in india
Image: Wikipedia

Jaguar I pace

electric cars 2020 india
Image: Jaguar Youtube

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With the introduction of electronic vehicles in the Indian automobile market, these companies have laid the first step towards eco-friendly, sustainable technology!

Here are some incredible benefits of owning an electric car in India and abroad:

  • Cheaper to run.
  • Cheaper to maintain.
  • Other savings.
  • Better for the environment.
  • Health benefits.
  • Safety improvements.
  • Our energy security.

With TATA Nexon being launched, well let’s see how many of these electro-beauties will make their way to the Indian market in 2020.

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