15 First Pregnancy Symptoms- 2020’s Prenatal Indication Guide!

when do first pregnancy symptoms start

Hello ladies! There are a couple of dozen symptoms of pregnancy that can start from the first day of conception. Fatigue, bloating, skipped period or tender breasts are some of the most common symptoms first to be observed when you are pregnant.

Second or third-time mummies are quite familiar with first pregnancy symptoms but first-time mommies will find it tricky to identify their pregnancy until they get a pregnancy test.

In this mother’s favorite blog JoolayLife will share 15 unique symptoms that happen in the first pregnancy.

first pregnancy symptoms

Not every mom experience the same symptoms so don’t worry if you skip some!

Missed period

This is the commonest first pregnancy symptom that every to-be-mummy will experience. Sometimes women skip periods because of stress and hormonal changes but taking a pregnancy test is wise to ensure that you’re pregnant or it’s a false alarm.

Breast changes

Enlarged-swollen breasts, tenderness in them can be a big sign of yours being pregnant. Women can also feel a tingling sensation and heaviness in their breasts when they conceive and these are definitely the first sign of pregnancy.

Mood swings

Wondering how to stay happy during pregnancy? Well, girls are quite known for their mood swings that can occur anytime but if you are experiencing them on a daily basis, ladies it’s a chance that you are going to become a mummy in few months.


Areola’s color can also depict your pregnancy as when you conceive, the color becomes dark. So if on a normal day it’s light brown, it can become denser and if it’s dark color it will get darker.

Vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge is one of the major indicators of being pregnant. Due to some infections, though ladies experience this condition but majorly when you get pregnant, this milky discharge is the first symptom of your pregnancy.


Believe it or not but ladies when you’re thinking about when pregnancy symptoms start, a state of getting constipated is one of the earliest symptoms of you entering into motherhood.

first pregnancy symptoms


A sudden sense of headache coming from nowhere is an early sign of pregnancy. If you are all healthy but experiencing headaches, believe us, it can be due to your hormonal changes.

Breathing pattern

Are you experiencing a drop in your breath rate? If not, you aren’t pregnant but if you are falling short of breath it can be a symptom of pregnancy which is normal in its first stage.

Implant bleeding

Mild bleeding can be observed after 6-12 days of egg fertilization and this can lead to bleeding of your implant. In addition, you can also experience mild cramping as an early symptom of being pregnant. So don’t worry if you see some blood clots on a random morning!

Getting Fatigued

Tiredness, restlessness, and fatigue are the first symptoms of pregnancy that every woman experiences as there are many hormonal changes going inside their body. If you have skipped a period and are experiencing sudden fatigue, it’s a sign of yours being pregnant.

Nasal Sensitivity

Sensitivity to smell is an easy indicator of pregnancy. If you are experiencing intolerance to the strong smell, be it spices in the kitchen or smoke from the grill, it can be an early sign of pregnancy.

Back pain

If you already have back pain issues this one won’t catch your attention. But if you are all healthy, wealthy and wise but suddenly experience a continuous back pain issue on a mild level, the probability of yours being pregnant is positive.

Urine frequency

Hormonal changes in your reproductive system make you urinate quite often. Usually, more than you do it on an average. Ladies, if you are experiencing this symptom, it can be a strong, first indicator of a happy pregnancy.


When being pregnant, most of the ladies experience a sense of fatigue and sometimes dizziness. So don’t worry as this is the answer to a question you’ve been looking for and that is when do first pregnancy symptoms start!

Nausea, morning sickness

Used to get early like a bird but now feeling sick in the morning. The sense of vomiting and nausea are the first symptoms of pregnancy to which the first time mothers aren’t usually aware of.

So ladies, if you are experiencing delusion and nausea early in the morning, it is a positive chance that you are pregnant.

first pregnancy symptoms

Food Craving

Are you experiencing sudden food cravings in the middle of the night or at a random time in the day? Chances are dear that you are going to become a mommy!

Weight Gain

A sudden rise in your weight is also a symptom that you are pregnant. So if you have unknowingly gained a couple of Kilos in the last month, this is the first sign of pregnancy.

Lovely ladies, these were the major symptoms of pregnancy which are observed in the first month of conceiving. The majority of these symptoms can be confused with PMS but until the menstrual period begins or a pregnancy test is positive, there is no way to tell whether these symptoms are related to PMS or pregnancy.

Wishing all of you a happy pregnancy. Love- JoolayLife!

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