[15] Amazing Health Benefits of Sex for Females & Males

Health benefits of sex

Is sex good for health or not?

Sex, for most of us, it’s pleasure and reproduction. What if we say it’s also as healthy as exercise? Yes, it is! There are some incredible scientifically proven everyday health benefits of sex for females and males both of which most of us are unknown.

Healthy sexual activity can offer every day surprising benefits to all facets of your life. Today JoolayLife is going to reveal 20 surprising benefits of sex which will change your thoughts about sex forever. Let’s begin!

Here’s a quick sneak peek to the importance of sex benefits for females and males (in a relationship) blog!

Increased sexuality

Sex gives you pleasure and this makes your body release the [P} hormone. Pheromones are chemicals that make other sex attracted towards you. The more you get intimate with your partner, the more pheromones are released from your body.

This property makes you more attractive whether you are a guy or a woman. Isn’t it a cool health benefit of sex for men and women, both?

Youthful heart

During sex, an average man burns 4 calories per minute and woman 3 calories per minute. Well, that’s quite more than burning on a treadmill which is monotonous. So next time you get an opportunity to burn some calories with your partner, don’t hesitate!

Sex is fun and when we add health to it, sex becomes fruitful. And who won’t do it if sex reduces the chances of a stroke or heart attack!   

Menstrual relief

This is an incredible sex benefit which is females exclusive! Ladies, do you know that having sex in regularity can soothe you during periods. Those troublesome cramps are one of the seriously bad-ass things and every woman would escape them if they had a tip like this.

Sex is the coolest way to relax you during your periods. Healthy sex leads to a good orgasm and a good orgasm relaxes your muscles!

Health benefits of sex

Enhanced immunity

Studies have proven that partners who are regular in intercourse [1-2 times a week] produce immunoglobulin (IgA) in their saliva in adequate quantity. It’s minimum or nil in people who aren’t into sex at all. But that doesn’t mean you have to overexert your body by doing excess sex. 

Still wondering what are some unknown benefits of sex? Read on to discover more hidden pleasure-treasure!

Better sleep

Oxytocin is the hormone which is produced during intercourse. It is a sense of relief and satisfaction. This hormone is activated in both men as well as women. In men, it circulates during ejaculation and in a female, it’s produced during orgasm.

We sleep well when we are satisfied, relaxed and contented and therefore, once you have sex, you sleep like a baby whether you are a male or female.

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Wrinkle-free skin

Oestrogen! Heard about it? This is a sex hormone which is secreted during sex and is behind your glowing, plump skin. Be it a guy or a woman, both genders are benefited by this sex thing! In fact, an American study showed that women who had sex in everyday routine had double oestrogen levels than one who didn’t had sex.

You can say that sex is like an aged wine, the more you drink it in regularity, the more healthily your skin gets.

Health benefits of sex for females

Lowered blood pressure

Blood pressure is a health problem which has taken over humans like plastics have taken over the oceans. Sex, on the counterpart, is found to reduce the bad blood pressure to a tremendous extent. It really helps to bring down the bad heat in your body every time you have a happy ending.

What say about this sex health benefit? It’s definitely a medicine-free way to eliminate excess pressure out of our blood vessels.

Being sexually active increases bone density

One more health benefit of sex for women. Women often complain about their decreased bone density as they age. But not every woman faces this problem! Ladies who are active I sex have a good amount of oestrogen level released when they indulge in intercourse over women who are having very less sex.

So ladies, if you want to keep those bones of you healthy, it is a great thing to make out with your partner in regularity.

Confidence booster

Sex releases good hormones in both male and female body and when you perform intimate intercourse, the results are always awesome. The biggest benefit here is a sense of confidence which the couple experience after their mutual orgasms.

According to a correlation study, it has been found that people who perform intercourse are likely to look younger by 7 to 12 years. Incredible!

Health benefits of sex for males

Fights cold and flu

Whenever we fighting cold and flu, taking warm liquids and foods is advised by doctors. By doing this, our body releases heat and opens up clogged veins in your body. Similarly, when you perform sex with your partner, a tremendous amount of heat is released by your body.

The ultimate result is increased metabolic activity which promotes your WBCs to fight the cold and flu in both males and females.

Reduced prostate cancer

Prostate cancer in men affects more or less in a similar way like breast cancer in women. Men who ejaculate on an average 20 times a month are 20% less likely to develop prostate cancer than men who ejaculate 4-5 times in a month.

While more research is needed to confirm this link, it appears that men who ejaculate regularly may reduce their risk of prostate cancer. 

Increased life

Believe it or not, performing sex often can help you enhance your lifespan as the happier you are, the less prone you are to chronic diseases and ageing. Couples who are happy in their sex life get sick less as compared to people who aren’t into sex at all.

The diseases here can be both physical, mental or emotional. So, once again it can be said that sex is a beneficiary healthy exercise.

Health benefits of sex everyday

Improved self-esteem

This is certainly undebatable that in today’s fast-paced life and constantly growing world, an old age rule still applies; “Survival of the fittest”! And if you aren’t confident enough to raise your head with confidence and march between the lions, you are left behind.

When you perform sex, your testosterone levels are at peak and oestrogen levels keep on pumping that self-esteem every time you have an orgasm.

Job satisfaction

Studies have found that couples who are active in sex are happier than the others and by this, they stay happy at their workplace.  Be it a male or a female, our everyday life affects our work too. If you love to have sex with your partner, you will surely be satisfied with your job.

Health benefits of sex for females & males- In marriages

Believe it or not but medical sciences have proved that post-sex glow is the reason behind a strong bonding between the married couples. Men and women who don’t have sexual bonding tend to be less attracted to each other.

Therefore all our married readers, if you love your partner, show them your love by making out with them and reap this mutual benefit of health from sex.

Health benefits of sex

And this is not just JoolayLife’s belief! Health benefits of sex for males and females are researched and proven by medical sciences.

Isn’t sex beyond just pleasure? Do comment below that do you think about the health benefits of sex by JoolayLife!

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