How to Stay Happy During Pregnancy? 10 Tips for Future Moms

How to stay happy during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a gift that only a woman is blessed with! Like many to-be-mommies out there, are you too wondering how to stay happy during pregnancy‘s 40 weeks?

Every woman wishes to become a mother and it’s an eternal bliss when a she gets pregnant. A feeling of love, nervousness and sometimes fear though goes on inside every to-be momma’s elated thoughts.

Yes, your life is going to change forever, once you impart a little soul inside your womb! So, be happy, because a happy pregnancy is the foundation of healthy childbirth.

In this blog, JoolayLife will answer the question every first-time mother has in her mind, “how to stay happy during pregnancy”?

Don’t try to be perfect

A famous doctor once said, “There’s no such thing as a perfect mother”. You can’t always eat healthy as morning sickness will make you crave for something delicious. Despite thinking about staying in top shape, enjoy and concentrate on being happy! That’s the golden rule of being a mother.

Say no to worries

It is clinically proven that happiness is the main ingredient of a healthy lifestyle. When you are constantly thinking about how to stay happy during pregnancy, it might hamper the excretion of the so-called Happy-hormone, which is essential for your baby’s growth. So, say goodbye to stress and worries.

happy pregnancy


Yes, mommies! The next secret to happy pregnancy is exercise. Gentle workouts, meditation, and prenatal yoga poses build pathways to healthy motherhood. It will also help you keep flexibility intact and help you bear the stress and physical exertion during labor.

In free time, try cooking at home. Here are some how to cook better at home secrets!

Be positive

Watch good movies, documentaries, and videos that make you happy. If you are a reader, JoolayLife recommends reading motivating books that have a sprinkle of humor in them. It will definitely purge the stress and tension out of your mind and give you a daily dose of happiness during pregnancy.

Embrace your motherhood

The best and the utmost thing to make your pregnancy time, the best of your life is feeling good about being a mother. Ignore those stretch marks, weight gains and other things that may make you worry about your appearance. Remember, it can be re-attained once you regain your energy after giving birth.

How to stay happy during pregnancy

Less smartphone

There is no harm in posting those cute selfies of your motherhood but if you want to stay happy during pregnancy, say goodbye to your smartphone. Watch it less often! Not only you will feel alive and become more social than before, but your baby will also stay away from unwanted radiation. Isn’t it great for you both?

Pamper yourself

There is no love bigger than self-love. And when you have a little angel inside you, it adds to the charm of being a woman. Take those cozy spas and massage sessions that will release tension out of your body. No doubt it’s a secret for happy pregnancy whether you are a first-time mommy or it’s your second time.

Light work

Still finding an answer to how to stay happy during pregnancy? Avoid hefty work and say yes to light things. Don’t do dusting at it’ll irritate your nosy. Rather make salads, go for morning and evening walks and do the dishes that need less force. You will get strong muscles by doing so.

Happy pregnancy

Baby shopping

Here comes the most favorite part! It is also a passive way to happiness. By shopping for your baby, you will connect more with the baby as your imagination will make you buy unique things for the upcoming special member of your family. This secret to happy pregnancy is what every to-be mother will love.

How to stay happy during pregnancy- Write a journal

Last but not least, try to be a writer! Well, we don’t suggest you to write a book but jotting down the daily changes, thoughts and small things will come in handy once you become a mom. When you will read the things you experienced during pregnancy, you will re-live those precious moments again and again and again. Also, read some pregnancy quotes for inspo!

An Endnote

We hope that how to stay happy during pregnancy finally got answered! 😉

Not to forget, stay in touch with your doctor and hire an expert if you are new to prenatal yoga and exercise.

How to stay happy during pregnancy

JoolayLife will come up with more interesting facts, tips, and guides for a healthy state of body-mind. Above all, stay happy- It’s the key to a life you always dreamt off!

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