How to Cook Better at Home? 21 Chef’s Kitchen Secrets

how to cook better

According to a new survey, 98% of Americans love to cook at home. Wow!

Cooking is like loving, it comes from your heart! Today, JoolayLife has some secrets to reveal about how to cook better. So, hold on the screen as we take you to the world of the kitchen’s aromatic elegance.

Here is the secret to creating edible wonders in your kitchen. It will guide you to cook food that’s finger-licking good!

How to cook

The Right Equipment

Want to cook like a pro? The first and the most important thing to do here is to grab the right kitchen equipment. Be it oven, baker’s pan, kettles, stewers, boilers or whatever you need to prepare your favorite recipes in, keep these kitchen essentials present in your cooking space if you want to cook better.

Keep it arranged

What makes a great cook differ from the others? It’s ORGANIZING! No one wants to rush for finding things at the last moment! So be prepared when you step into your kitchen to cook your favorite recipe. This can only be done if you have all the things available beforehand at their respective places.

Stock in

Why? Remember, if you want to cook better than the rest, the best way is to stock in your ammo before you step in the war-zone (KITCHEN). By stocking dried herbs, spices and ingredients that are necessary for everyday cooking, you will never fall short of options when cooking.


Wondering how you’d cook better by chopping? Nothing will slow down your cooking speed than a pair of lazy knives. It will raise the time taken to cut and chop the veggies and herbs. It will not only delay the cooking but will also add to frustration sometimes. Therefore, always keep sharp knives handy. This is a secret cooking tip!

How to cook better

Study your recipe

Don’t just jump into your kitchen and start with cooking. If you want to cook better, you must study your recipe. So take it slow, go through the dish you want to cook, and then proceed with the preparation. Remember, cooking is not a race, sometimes it’s all about grace.

Shop Smart

Well, that’s a thing where not most of us would win! But with a little secret cooking guidance from experienced cooks, especially your MOM will help you choose the best for your kitchen. By shopping smart you will maintain your kitchen pantry well and will also eliminate the chances of stocking unnecessary KITCHEN STUFF.

Don’t just cook delicious but cook healthier! Here are some easy breakfast tips to start your day the perfect way!

These were the basics or we can say the most essential tips for better cooking. Now it’s time for some pro-kitchen tips for those CHEFs who are wondering how to cook better at home!

  • Whenever you’re cooking, keep on tasting the food throughout it’s cooked. This will help you alter the taste as well as the dressing of your food. Even if you get mistaken somewhere, this will help you with correction before it gets too late.
  • Remember to roast nuts before you add them to your recipe. By roasting, the flavors are enhanced by the coaxing process and the nuts become more healthy and tasty.
  • Bread crumbs add grace to fried dishes. Try to blend stale toast in your blender rather than buying crumbs from the store. This will also avoid unnecessary expenses.
Secrets to cooking
  • Don’t buy butter from the store. By following very easy compound butter making recipes at home, you can make your own organic, flavored butter at home.
  • Love veggies? By sauteing them before making their soup will not only help in cooking them better, it will also add flavor to your dish.
  • Whenever you boil your pasta, add salt to it. This cooking secret will help salt settle inside the pasta and enrich the flavor of this incredible Italian dish.
  • Always wondered how to cook meat better? Next time, let the meat come to room temperature before you put it on the grill. This will prevent it from getting overcooked from outside and undercooked from the inside.
  • When it comes to adding the perfect texture to your baking dish, use frozen butter. Avoid the lump formation by grating the butter before adding it to the dough.
  • Swap your ground spices every six months. This will keep them flavored.
  • Do you know that pasta continues to cook even after it’s taken off the stove? If you want to cook the best version of pasta, take it off the flame before 1-2 minutes than expected.
  • Preheating your pan before roasting the vegetables will help in the better cooking experience.
  • Make your toast crisper by using a pan rather than a toaster. This is a cooking secret few know!
  • Try to cook your rice with infused water. Steeping in a tea-bag will do wonders while cooking your delicious rice dish.
  • When it comes to cooling an overheated pan, ice will come in handy than any other alternative. Remember this cooking tip to cook like a pro.
  • Dry your herbs! This will eliminate the moisture and bring an aromatic experience to your cooking.
how to cook better

By now you must be well acquainted with pro-kitchen tips for cooking like a pro!

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