How to Express Love in & Without Words- 7 Perfect Acts

how to express love

Do you love someone deeply but always wonder how to express your love to them, with our without words? Well, most of us spend our entire life in dilemma of expressing our love to that special one whom we dream about even when we are awake.

Helen Keller once said that the best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart.

Today JoolayLife will share with you the secrets to love by answering a question to which many couples yet are trying to find an answer of; “How to express my love in or without words”?

Let’s begin!

Write it up

Feeling too shy to express your love to your soul-mate? Well just don’t keep on thinking about how to express your true love with spoken words, write it down! It can be a letter, it can be a text or can be an email through which you can express your feelings for your special one.

So next time you feel like expressing your love without words, give writing a try and believe us, you’ll express it the best!

I Love You

Agree or not but we all love this three word thing! I LOVE YOU is a word which could melt hearts, remove the boundaries lying between two souls and bring them together like never before. It doesn’t matter if you face trouble in expressing your love to your partner, spouse, parents, friends or any only else, the easiest and simplest thing to bring them closer to you is by saying that you love them.

Trust us, this is the shortest way to your question how to express love in words but say it from your heart!

how to express love in words

Spend quality time together

Nothing can beat quality time spent together. Be it a long drive, a gala dinner, a weekend road trip, a movie or a fine evening conversation and believe it or not, making love! This will not only release the (P) hormone and bring you closer but also will benefit your physical and mental health.  Here are the best proven health benefits of sex for men and women both!

By this time you must have got a little idea about expressing your love with and without words for sure.  Yes or no? Comment and share your thoughts!

Compliments please

You’re looking gorgeous, you are caring, you are protective and there are millions of small things you can say to your loved one to make them visualize your love. Keep yourself in their place and think of a compliment which made you fell in love with the person whom you actually love. We are humans and it’s a human psyche to fall for compliments.

But remember, don’t flatter someone with false compliments, express your true love, with or without words!

Forget and Forgive

We are humans and we all commit mistakes. Sometimes we lie, sometimes we hurt and we hurt our loved ones the most unknowingly sometimes. So what to do? It’s simple! Ask for an apology. This goes to your loved ones too. If they fall prey to a lie, a mistake or anything which hurt you, forgive them. Believe us, LOVE CONQUERS ALL!

Isn’t this a way to express your love by using your words and also by being kind? Here are some random acts of kindness which can help you express love.

how to express love without words


Helping your loved ones is one of the cutest ways to express your love. Be it your parents, your elders or your younger ones, helping them out in their daily tantrums will make their day brighter and you’re contented. Why? In return, you will receive the blessings of elders, respect from younger ones and love from everyone.

So next time you discover a question about expressing your love to your loved ones, help them out and express your love without words.

Express Gratitude

Refer to the point above for a moment! How do you feel when you got complimented after helping your loved ones? HAPPY! Similarly when you seek help from your friends, family and the special one whom you love, thank them like you mean it and mean it from the deepest part of your heart.

how to express love

This will make them love you more because you made them realise how important they are to you by saying simply THANKS!

Aren’t these things enough to answer your question “how to express my true love in words or sometimes without words?” If not, hold on until JoolayLife brings you things which will help you express love like never before. Until then, it’s Love from JoolayLife!

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