How to Travel on Budget- 13 Tips for Traveling Cheap

how to travel on budget

Born with a raging fire of wanderlust, every traveler has an irresistible urge to travel the world and discover places unknown! But not every nomad has the dollars and pounds to spear a luxurious getaway to their favorite exotic locations. This is where Joolaylife’s “how to travel on budget” guide comes at your rescue!

In this budget traveling guide, we will share tips on how you can travel smart and cheaply in any city to fill your traveler’s desire. Get ready for a crazy adventure ride!

How to travel cheap

Tips for traveling cheap- Travel on midweeks

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the cheapest days to fly. Why? They are midweeks and there are always chances of flights and local transport being cheaper than on weekends. A public holiday is an exception though, but if you plan wisely, there is a sure-shot chance of earning a handsome discount on travel.

Tips for traveling cheap- Travel economy

There’s no harm in sharing your space on a plane or train and public road transport. It’s always an advantage to be with people who travel economically. They can help you find cheap accommodation, food and travel guides which will make your journey amazing. Isn’t it a great tip to travel for cheap.

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Tips for traveling cheap- Pre-book your tickets

It is the best thing to do when it comes to traveling cheap option and still having a blast. How? Not everyone of us is a great planner but whomsoever does this, he/she is always has an edge over the others. If you are smart enough to pre-book your travel tickets and hotels, you can get a heavy discount on the prices which will be charged a month or a couple of weeks before the trip.

How to travel on budget

Tips for traveling cheap- Travel Off-season

Well, this budget traveling tip is not for everyone. It’s only for those travel enthusiasts who actually want to discover places and not people:P. An off-season trio can cost you less than 50% of bucks which you’ll need in the peak travel time. In addition to it, you will also get to discover the places with ease and click their pics without tourists spamming all over. 😉

Tips for traveling cheap- Prefer homestay or hostel over hotels

Want to slash your travel budget by almost 40%? Book a hostel or a homestay if you want to save loads of money and travel for cheap to your dream destination. By doing this, you will not only travel on a budget but will also get to know more about the culture and people of the place you are traveling to. And trust us, it will be one of the most wonderful experiences of your life.

Tips for traveling cheap- Travel Off-beat

Why always travel where the crowd points to? There are marvelous places spread all across the globe which are yet to be explored. Our how-to travel on budget guide totally recommends every travel enthusiast to travel to locations where fewer people have been to. It will not only give you a first-hand experience of the new place but will improve the economy of the same.

Tips for traveling cheap- Rate the experience over materials

It is not always a wise thing to get a physical souvenir to a landmark in which you travel. Rather. Click a unique picture of the place and share it on social media! The viewer remarks will b your real trophies. Remember, when it comes to traveling cheap like a pro, the best advice to follow is to enjoy being there over bringing things on which dust will settle with time. 🙂

Travel for cheap tips

Tips for traveling cheap- Budget Travel Mobile App

Most of us are surely hearing this term for the first time. But it’s true. There are mobile apps that can help you save 100’s of dollars and pounds if you use them with timing and a little bit smartness.

Lonely Planet recommends apps like Tripcoin, Skiplagged, Splitwise and more which can help you cut costs off your travel and help you travel on a limited budget.

Tips for traveling cheap- VPN

One of the smartest ways to book your flight tickets and hotel reservations is by using a browser that supports a VPN. By doing so it will make harder for the booking algorithm to track your live location and you can possibly save up-to 30% on your bookings. This comes handy when you are worried about how to travel on a budget and are looking for cheap traveling tips and hacks.

Tips for traveling cheap- Use Public Transport

Do you know that public transport is the cheapest way to travel in any country? Well here’s the good news that it really is more than 80% cheaper than booking a cab or flight ticket. It may take some extra time to complete the journey though! But remember, it’s the journey that counts more than the destination. The tangy experience to get to know the locals is one that only public transport will gift to you!

Tips for traveling cheap- Flea market shopping

Crazy about shopping? But how to manage your travel in a low budget? Don’t worry! Artifacts and souvenirs available at a flea market won’t cost you a fortune. On average, a gift that you buy in a branded mall can cost you up to 5 times costlier than a similar which is available at a local flea market. Try it for yourself if you don’t believe us.

travel for cheap tips

Tips for traveling cheap- Eat Street Cuisine

Don’t reserve a dining at a freaking costly restaurant. Act smart and try local cuisine. Use Google Maps like a pro and find local cheap food that is famous for its flavors and is also pocket-friendly. Trust us, your doggie bag will always have goodies in it for the later midnight snack hunger. Above all it’s the taste that matters, sometimes presentation can be ignored for a  good super saver deal.

Tips for traveling cheap- Do your research

Want to travel the world for almost free? Well, don’t mind saving a few bucks by planning your trip in advance, doing research about places you will be traveling to and preparing an itinerary of goodies and things you will be doing on your wanderlust journey. 

Yes, folks! It’s true that you can travel cheaply and discover places like heaven on earth by spending dime. But remember to follow a plan and invest wisely before stepping your feet on your road trip, flight or a marine drive. 

So, this was an easy-peasy guide on how to travel like a pro on budget and organize cheap travel on your own.

Stay tuned with JoolayLife for more interesting travel tips and hacks.

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How to travel cheap

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