Psychology Body Language Facts About Lying- Top 21

psychology facts about lying

Why do people lie?

Lying and psychology are interlinked! Ever heard about common but ignored psychology body language facts? Believe it or not, everyone lies! Not only common men but people who are incredibly honest have lied at least once in their lives.

But how to tell if someone is lying? JoolayLife presents 21 psychological facts about body language and lying.

Beard vs Shaved

Recent psychology studies have proven that men who keep beards are considered more trustworthy than guys who prefer remaining clean shaved.

Men vs women

It is a belief that women tend to lie to make other people feel comfortable while men lie to make themselves comfortable.

Liar by birth

A lie psychological facts study in 2008 showed that not everyone is a born liar. In fact, no one is a liar by birth and that’s a kick-ass psychological fact.

Verbal vs written

People lie more often when they are texting than in a verbal conversation. Try observing your conversations to identify yourself!

Mental health

Lying is bad! Whenever you lie, somewhere deep inside your conscious triggers a sense of guilt which depletes your mental health.

psychology facts body language

Biggest lying month

January is considered as the biggest lying month when average monthly lying numbers. Lies like fitness goals, vacations, and future plans. 😛

Why Lie?

We lie to promote ourselves. We often lie for self-impression, economic & personal advantages, and lies to make people laugh.

Don’t lie! It’s bad. Rather try a random act of kindness and make someone happy!

Spontaneous corrections

How to tell is someone is lying? When we lie, we correct ourselves often, even if there is no need to. So remember, if someone’s correcting them without any need, they are lying!

Lies per minute

According to a study published in the Journal of Basic and Applied Social Psychology, 60% of people lie at least once in ten-minute conversations.

Self-service dishonesty

Lying is just like a plant. The more you feed it, the more it grows. And that’s not us but studies say about the psychology of body language.

psychology facts about lying

Americans, seriously?

Psychology studies about lying have shown facts that an average American lies once a day. That’s equal to 7 times a week, more than 364 times/year!

Lie detecting humans

Did you know that detecting a lie is not than hard than you imagined? An average lie can be easily caught.  The success rate is more than 52%.

Word weight

Want to identify if a person is lying or not? When people lie to you, they use smaller words from vocabulary. It’s true! Psychology facts about body language say they are not saying the truth.

Got my eyes on you

When you are genuine in what you speak, you maintain a strong eye contact with the other person. If you are stealing the eye contact, you’re lying.

Monkey business

There’s an old age saying. “Melons change colors after seeing other melons in the field.” Lying goes the same way!

psychology facts body language

Don’t lie! Instead, keep calm and travel. Here are some budget travel tips for you!

The law of attraction

It’s hard to believe but this psychological body language fact will blow your mind. We don’t lie to a person who is attractive!


Prepared to get amazed by yet another psychology fact about lying. Lying makes you creative as you step out of your comfort zone every time you lie!

Cerebral formations

Every human is different and different is their cerebral formation. These stimulus changes in brain structure also make us lie.

Emotional fool

Don’t get offended but some psychological studies about lying have shown that people with high emotional intelligence tend to get fooled very easily.

Eyes say it all

Your words can hide your lie but eyes don’t! When you lie, your pupil’s contract and therefore you are caught, my dear! 

psychology facts about lying

Psychology Body Language Facts – The word ‘they’

We start a conversation starting with ‘ I heard from them’ when we are lying. It puts the blame on someone who actually even doesn’t exist.

Aren’t these psychological body language facts about lying different than you expected?

Do you have any interesting psychological facts about lying in your pandora’s box? Do share in the comments!

Stay Happy- Travel the world!

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