Random Acts of Kindness- 20 Ways to Make Someone Happy

random acts of kindness

Have you done some random acts of kindness to others lately?

Hey! You’re looking beautiful! Hey there! You are an amazing person. Can I help you with it? Little compliments and acts of kindness like these can really make a person’s day.

Honestly, there are times when we feel tired, low and lonely and when out of a sudden, someone walks to us and cheer us up with some random acts of kindness like a smile, it really works wonders.

act of kindness

JoolayLife today brings 20 such acts of kindness which can help you bring that shiny dimples on the face of a person.

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

Saying good morning, hello, good noon or good evening to the person waiting for their bus, in an elevator or at a coffee stall is the beginning of a random act of kindness.

Holding the door for someone is an amazing gesture though to some people it may sound a bit out-dated. But we promise you, this makes you a gentle person.

Complimenting someone who is looking graceful is one of the cutest things you can do to a person, even unknown. Make sure you really are genuine with the compliment.

Helping someone with their daily tantrums like walking their pets, helping them clean their car and other things are great ways to compliment your neighbors.

random act of kindness

Helping elderly people, women, children are really a jewel in your box of little act of kindness.

Want to take off those extra pounds of your wallet? Try to tip generously at a restaurant. By doing this and complimenting verbally will cheer the staff up!

Call an old friend of yours or family member with whom you haven’t been in conversation for long. This small act of kindness will leave a splendid impression on your act.

Encourage someone who is despondent. We all need encouragement, support and cheering up. And that’s what makes us a good social animal.

random kindness acts

Giveaway your old clothing to the needy. Well, we aren’t saying to do this every time you go out, but make sure to do it when you buy something new.

Once in a blue moon, send flowers…not to your loved one;-), you are used to it. But, this time, send it to a friend, your colleague or someone whom you admire.

Interrupting someone when they are talking is a good gesture. If you want to do a little act of kindness at random, don’t pause someone when they are explaining.

Most of us, rather all of us leave our shopping carts at the counter. The mall staff spends almost the entire day on their feet and this is a tedious job. Try to place the cart back from where you took it.

random kindness

Helping a friend, or a good neighbor pack and move is a small act of kindness that can make someone’s day. This not only divides the workload but also smoothens relations.

In an office? Bringing a box of donuts for your teammates is one of the coolest things you can do at your workplace. We bet you it won’t cost you a fortune, but their smiles will be worth a treasure.

Offer change if the person in front of you falls short at the cash counter. Maybe in return, you get to make a shopping friend!

Pass along a great book that you’ve just finished reading. By doing this you will contribute to the world of knowledge.

random acts of kindness

Say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. Only say it if you really mean it!

Have ample food in your doggie bag? Most of the time it will end up in the trash. Try to give it to a homeless. In return, you will get a smile and countless blessings.

Random Acts of Kindness- An Endnote

We all are in a rush, but sometimes guiding a person with direction by taking your precious time out is really an appreciable random act of kindness.

Helping a mother carry her baby stroller up/down the stairs is a thing that mothers will love.

On your mommy way? Here are the best things to do and stay happy in pregnancy!

The list is endless when you are ready to gift a random act of kindness!

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And remember,

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