15 Weight Loss Tips that are Worth Knowing

weight loss tips

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Maintaining a healthy weight is very essential if you want to live a life that that meaningful and joyful. Obesity not only puts you in constant embarrassing situations but also increases the risk of many health issues.

If you are fat, trust me you need to lose those multiple layers of fat around you. And just sitting at home and eating will never help you to lose weight.

You will have to take some action right now. Here in this post, you will read what you need to do exactly. If you follow the tips properly I guarantee you that you will the results you want to see.

how to lose weight

How to lose weight?

To know the best answer to this question, read the weight loss tips given below.

1. Follow this diet plan to lose weight

To lose weight fast, it is very important to incorporate a few items into your diet. Down below is the list of food items that you need to add to your diet on a daily basis.

Vegetables: Spinach. tomatoes, onion, cauliflower, kale, bitter melons, etc.

Fruits: Apple, mango, pineapple, grapes, guava, orange and more.

weight loss foods: Whole Eggs, Tuna, leafy vegetables, chicken breast, boiled potatoes, etc.

Whole grains: Brown rice, quinoa, barley, brown bread, corn, oats etc.

Foods rich in protein: Lean meat, eggs, tofu, chickpeas, paneer and soybeans.

Therefore, you are supposed to take a complete vegetable and fruit-based diet. This diet plan will efficiently lower your calorie intake.

Incorporating the above foods to your diet will not only help you lose weight

2. Foods that you must avoid

In order to maintain a healthy weight, you must completely avoid some foods. Like-

Sugary foods and drinks: Soda, Fruit juices, protein bars, energy drinks, etc

Junk foods: Burger, pizza, french fries, donuts, etc.

Other food items that you must strictly avoid– White bread, pastries, cookies, samosa, ice- creams, candy bars, etc.

The above-listed food items must be avoided as much as possible. They not only make you fat but also deteriorate your health.

3. Burn calories

Burning calories is one of the most important steps in the journey of weight loss. You will have to burn more calories than you consume each day, to see the difference in your weight.

To burn calories on a daily basis you will have to perform certain physical exercises like running, jogging, skipping.

You can also start playing outdoor games like badminton, football, etc. Fast running on a treadmill could be a fantastic method to burn more calories.

4.Increase your protein intake

You will be surprised to know that more than 80% of people in India are protein deficient. This is just because the diet plan they follow does not contain enough protein. Therefore, it is recommended that you consume whey protein to increase protein intake.

Consuming protein shakes will not only help you lose weight but also enhance your overall health.

5.Increase fiber intake

The majority of nutritionists and experts will recommend you to consume more fiber because it is linked with weight loss. A lot of studies indicate that the intake of fiber may aid in weight loss.

You can start consuming Chia seeds on a daily basis. Just 2 tablespoons of Chia seeds contain over 42% of your daily fiber.

Fruits such as bananas, oranges, and apples are also rich in fiber.

how to burn fat

6.Avoid fasting

This is a very big misconception among people that fasting too often can help them lose weight. But the truth is that fasting has never been helpful in weight loss.

Fasting slows down your metabolic rate, which makes your meal before fast more fattening. Thus instead of fasting, it is advisable that you eat healthily.

7.Lift weights

One of the worst drawback associated with fasting is slowing down of the metabolism, which leads to the loss of healthy muscle mass.

Lifting weights will not only help you increase healthy muscle mass and metabolic rate but also help you burn more calories.

8.Drink water before the consumption of meals

Drinking more water is a very efficient way of losing weight. Studies suggest that drinking water can be a great help for losing weight. When you drink water the metabolic rate is raised by about 25% that helps you lose some more extra calories.

The best time to drink water is half an hour before your meal. This has been practically found to be a very effective way of losing weight in around 40% of people. When you drink water before your meal will help you consume much lesser calories.

9.Don’t eat too much

When you eat too much of anything, even low-calorie foods may result in obesity.

Therefore, it is very important to control your appetite, especially if you are obese.

10.Kill stress

Don’t ever feel stressed. There is a common misconception among people that stressing could help in weight loss. But, let me tell you this is not the same in everyone’s case. Some people may even become more obese by taking stress.

Furthermore, stressing has never been a good tool to lose weight. Stress may result in lots of chronic disorders too.

how to lose weight

11.Add green tea to your daily routine

Green tea has got unlimited health benefits. It not only boosts our health but also aids in weight loss. Green tea is rich in a variety of antioxidants that help in burning more calories and that too in a very efficient way.

Certain compounds in green tea are also known to increase your brain function. Therefore, adding green tea to your daily routine would be a great decision.

12.Try to avoid some types of alcoholic drinks

Alcohol, when taken in moderate quantities, could be beneficial for your heart and also in some cases aid in weight loss. But when consumed in larger quantities will give you more calories and carbs, which will eventually make you sick alcoholic fat man.

The type of alcohol also has a very large impact on your weight loss journey. Drinking beer must be avoided as much as possible, as the beer makes you gain weight.

Wine consumption in a moderate way could be beneficial.

13.Make your breakfast protein-rich

Protein is a very essential macromolecule that our body needs. Regularly giving the required quantity of protein to your body is very essential. The majority of people fail to do so because their breakfast is largely protein deficient.

Try consuming more protein in your breakfast this will not only help you increase your protein intake on a daily basis but also boost up your day.

Adding eggs to your breakfast would be a perfect choice.

14.Maintain a caloric diary

Maintaining a diary, where you write the number of calories consumed and the number of calories burned could be a great move. This would a very efficient way of tracking down what you eat.

If you really want to lose your weight, then a diary is recommended.

15.Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is equally important to fight obesity. Some studies clearly show that poor sleep may result in making you more obese.

Therefore getting a sound sleep of up to 7-8 hours is a must.

weight loss tips


You can lose weight if you take some effort. Losing weight is not that tough if you stick with the tips you just read. The people who complain about being obese are those who do not really put any real efforts.

Everything is possible if you have a desire to achieve your goal. If weight loss is your goal, trust me you will achieve it soon, just put on efforts.

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