Yoga for Sex- 5 Poses to Make Your Sex Life Better

yoga for sex

“Yoga for sex! Are you series?” This thought must be sprinkling around most of you out there who aren’t into yoga.

There are endless ways by which yoga benefits to health, and yes, an increase in your sex ability and pleasure are 2 of those miraculous benefits of this ancient health exercise.

To help understand better, first, let’s find out the relation between yoga and sex!

Yoga for Sex- How?

Yoga has incredible benefits on the human body, be it physical, mental, emotional or above all, spiritual. In one or the other way, this age-old practice is benefiting mankind in one or the other way.

Before discussing the health benefits of yoga for sex, it’ll be wiser to discover the asanas that can help you improve your sex life.

Here are the 5 most beneficial asanas that can help in boosting your as well as your partner’s sex life!

Savasana- Corpse Pose

Easiest of the easy yoga asana is the corpse pose. This one is also for individuals who have never tried yoga professionally or individually.

Practicing savasana will help eliminate excess stress out of your body and mind. Just like meditation, it will soothe your senses.

yoga and sex

Marjaryasana & Bitilasana- Cat Pose & Cow Pose

When it’s all about loosening up your tensed spine and making up the mood for a romantic encounter, the cat-cow pose is the best way to get ready for a good dose of yoga for sex.

This is also a beginner-intermediate level yoga pose where all you need is a yoga mat and 2 minutes of your free time.

Ananda Balasana- Happy Baby pose

While we perform sex, especially for the females, their pelvic region’s flexibility and strength play a vital role. Where? In making them either enjoy or get exhausted while sexual intercourse.

Ananda Balasana, or the happy child pose is the perfect way to flex your pelvic muscles which will help you do better sex.

yoga for sex

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana- Bridge Pose

In Sanskrit language, Setu means a bridge. This asana is all about making things (SEX) better. The bridge pose strengthens your pelvic floor muscles, which in return, helps you enjoy sex to the fullest.

Similar to the icing on the cake, it makes your muscles more responsive to the intercourse, thereby, giving a dose of extra pleasure for both the partners.

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana- One-Legged Pigeon

Fly high with this easy intermediate yoga pose for better sex. All you need is a yoga mat and some of your time to get benefitted from this miraculous stretching exercise.

This yoga pose makes your entire body flexible and agile. When you start performing this yoga asana in routine, you can increase the type of positions you find difficult to perform currently. Isn’t it awesome?

yoga poses for sex

Yoga for Sex- In the end

Above were the easiest of all yoga asanas which are highly recommended for better sex life. Most of the people out there often hesitate to talk about sex. See, sex is a natural phenomenon and must be discussed.

Did you know?

Yoga improves your body’s overall sexual function, especially in women! A recent study observed 40 women as they practiced yoga for 3 months. Researchers found that women had a significant improvement in their sex lives.

You’d be surprised to know that there are amazing health benefits of sex which to an extent some medicines can’t even match up with!

Watch the video!

Aren’t these health benefits of sex amazing? Surely they are!

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With these thoughts, it’s a farewell for now!

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